How to Build a Skin Care Routine – The Ultimate Guide

Author By Glozine Staff
Updated :May 10, 2024
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With skin being the largest human organ, you probably realize how important it is to take good care of it.

Along with keeping it clean and healthy, you are also preventing various skin issues, and conditions like acne or rashes are.

And you are making a statement in public and between the people you are close with that you take good care of yourself in every way. Through past few years’ numerous routines and products have emerged on the market that are connected to skin care.

Thus, it might seem not that easy to develop your daily skin care routine, but believe us it is not hard at all. An effective skin care routine consists of good quality products that fit your type of skin and some healthy lifestyle changes.

So if we take this into consideration, there is one question that is raised, and that is how to pick the right products and what are the changes that you should make?

Develop a Daily Skin Care Routine

So as we already told you it is essential that both men and women care about their skin, especially the one that is on their face. And it is not that complicated, and it does not take that much time once you have it planned and settled out.

Here are examples of good routines and things that you might want to follow to develop one yourself:

1. First and foremost, you have to make some changes in your lifestyle. Thus, you need to stop touching your face as the dirt from your hands will get stuck in your pores and that might cause a big problem. And if you sometimes have to wash your hands more often and using a hand anti-bacterial gel as well.

Also, you should not pop a pimple, ever! No matter how tempting one is sure that it might just cause an even bigger problem and you do not want that. Just let it go away on its own. And although hot showers might sound nice especially during those cold months, shy away from those as it will dry your skin up.

2. As always you should be checking what your body demands and fulfill that. So drink a lot of water and get at least 6 hours of healthy sleep. Also, do not shy away from taking some supplements like Vitamin A or Vitamin D as those are pretty good for skin health.

3. Before buying any product, you need to determine what type of skin do you have, and there are few types:

  • If you have normal skin, it should be smooth and firm to touch with pores that are medium-sized. It is neither oily nor dry, and when it comes to caring you should be using only moisturizer and a cleanser on the regular daily basis, with that being in the morning and evening.
  • If you notice your skin is dry with flakes and bumpiness, and it lacks an oily sheen, you likely have dry skin. It’s crucial to use moisturizer both during the day and as part of your nighttime routine. If acne troubles you daily, feel free to explore our article on the best acne products for clear skin.
  • And if your face is visibly shiny you have oily skin. This one comes with larger pores that are easier to notice and it also blemishes more easily. When it comes to this one you should be toning it, exfoliating and moisturizing once in a while.
  • You might also have a skin that is a combination of every type being oily around nose and forehead and dries at your cheeks. If that is the case use products for exfoliation, facial cleansing and moisturizing on regular daily basis.
  • Regardless of whether you have normal, dry, oily, or combination skin, finding the right moisturizer is key to maintaining a healthy complexion; explore our curated selection of the Best Face Moisturizers to find the perfect match for your skin type and ensure your skincare routine promotes optimal health and glow.

4. And if you have dry skin that might be tough as it reacts to most of the products. Take extra caution and buy only products that do not have harsh ingredients. Use moisturizer and cleanser.

5. After you have determined what skin type you should be following the directions and buying the products according to that:

  • The cleanser is one of the most common and you can use it without worries on a regular basis. As water might not be enough to clean your face, you should want to use a quality cleanser, and as a result, other products will work even better once your face is clean. And what is the best with this one is that it will neither dry or oil your face up.
  • Toner is a product that is usually applied after a cleanser, and it replenishes skin with beneficial ingredients, and it revitalizes it as well. Also, this one might help in dismissing those red spots that you are having.
  • On a daily basis, your skin gets damaged by the environment, and it can become dull and rough. That is where exfoliant comes into place, as it eliminates the stuff that has built up in your pores and reduces the chance of wrinkles.
  • Of course, moisturizers are a no-miss when it comes to skin care. These protect your skin from UV, or loss of firmness and keep it smooth and gentle. You might want to put an extra layer around your eyes, as that spot is believed it or not most exposed one.
  • And of course, there are the serums with antioxidants, which will improve the skin texture and calm any redness that might have appeared.

So after we briefly discussed all the important products that you might use when it comes to skin care it is important to say that you should be applying some on the regular daily basis both in the morning and evening.

For the morning cleanser, moisturizer with a sunscreen and an exfoliant are crucial, and the same thing is with the evening, though you then might add a serum in your skin care routine.


It does not matter at all are you a man or a woman, you should be taking care of yourself. That meaning if you keep your skin healthy, it is good both for you in a general way, and you will be leaving a better impact on people as well.

So it is necessary that you develop a good skin care regime that will consist of daily discipline and products that fit your skin type. Do this and enjoy the smoothness and softness of your skin!

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