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10 amazing tips to avoid tick bites for the summer

Summer means braving the great outdoors, which is also tantamount to bug and other insect bites. The most popular among all these pests is the tick especially that some 300,000 people get Lyme disease every year due to its bites.

  1. Insecticides. You can repel the ticks using insecticides. Insecticides in antimalarial bed nests called Permethrin can also kill adult ticks and its larvae. Common bug sprays has no significant effects on ticks.
  2. Home Conscious. Just because you stay indoors doesn’t mean you are safe from ticks. Be vigilant against ticks even at home, because experts say that most tick cases were incurred at home. Be extra careful when gardening.
  3. Stay in sunny areas. Ticks lose its moisture quickly, which is why they stay in leafy and humid areas. Staying in sunny areas with an above 80 humidity helps you avoid ticks.
  4. Landscape change. Ticks stay between the wooden area in your home and the yard. Transform your landscape into a design that repels insects and other rodents. You can consult experts for this strategy.
  5. Check Pets. American dogs don’t have ticks that can cause diseases. However, there are ticks outdoors that may hop on your dogs or pets when you camp out or hike with your beloved canine. So check your pet every time you get back from the outdoors.
  6. Cover yourself. Tucking your pants in your socks may make your look really funny, but it can help you avoid diseases brought by ticks.
  7. Wear light colour clothes. Nymphal ticks are relatively larger and dark. It would be easy to spot them id you wear light-colour outfit.
  8. Dry your clothing. Since ticks lose their moisture quickly, let your clothes dry in the dry cleaner for about five minutes the moment you got home from an outdoor adventure.
  9. Clean yourself up. After returning from a hike or a camp, clean yourself up, check for ticks on your clothes, and take a bath.
  10. Remove tick. If you still get ticks despite all these precautionary measures, you should remove the ticks immediately using tweezers and forceps.

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