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10 Incredible Facts About Space Ventures

For 50 years, space travel has been one of the most amazing features of Earth. World Space Week won’t be until October 4 – 10, but it would be great to check out some of the most amazing trivia about space travel.

Here are top 10 incredible facts about space:

  1. The first manned mission to space was in 1961 with Yuri Gagarin on board the Soviet Union’s Vostok spacecraft.3451DB3BC561E91B4A9F81D4A21B8
  2. The Space Shuttle is the first spacecraft that can be reused, but US will soon end the Shuttle program. Shuttle Discovery is one of NASA’s three retired orbiters. It was launched back on August 30, 1984.B43C2D2629FCCA27C9771E7599EB39
  3. In May 16, 1963, astronaut Leroy Gordon Cooper snapped the first clear photos of Earth’s curves while he was on a 22-orbit flight aboard the Faith 7 spaceship.27FBF7CC73E4D59C99FDA1207C64E4
  4. In December 1965, James A. Lovell snapped a photo of Earth from space while aboard the Gemini 7 and he thought how insignificant people are in a stark universe.E6E3529A7E26DA666AACB94F7678B
  5. On June 8, 1965 astronaut James Mcdivitt snapped a photo of fellow astronaut Ed White who, for the first time, did the spacewalk moving away from the Gemini 4 spacecraft.C62A0DC827748A576EE97D077CFFC
  6. It was on Christmas Eve 1968 when the world first saw Earth from the moon through a photo taken by Apollo 8 astronauts.F51DD5E036121B9D563FD95B2E012
  7. It was in July 20, 1969 when man first walked on the moon. Neil Armstrong was the first to set foot on the moon during the Apollo 11 missions with Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin.D7358D5A1A21E311A93C2986B62F6A
  8. In December 7, 1972, Apollo 17 snapped the first full view of Earth, with the perfect lighting as the sun was at their back.1C8142DEB6BA945EF6373142F244
  9. On September 21, 1974 an image of the lower region of mercury was photographed when the mariner 10 spacecraft reached its closest possible point to the planet.DD73716568E8CD47428D4DFA5CB857
  10. On December 1974, Jupiter was also photographed through the Pioneer II spacecraft.3ECFD559185A12EC811F944E6A960

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