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10 Most Favorite & Most Awesome Selfies of All Time

Not all selfies are automatically narcissistic. Some are just too cool and you gotta give it proper credit.

10. The infamous Oscar selfie. This selfie courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres with this era’s most beautiful actors and actresses was the most viral picture on the Internet. The only reason why this wasn’t on the number one spot is because it’s just too popular.BhxWutnCEAAtEQ6

9. Aviators Throwback. Hunter S. Thompson’s 1960 pic taken from Puerto Rico with hi wearing a Joe Biden aviator is a triple viral success.1qhrKdG

8. Presidential. The public loves cool politicians these days and Joe Biden was among the latest who joined the trend. But his entrance though proved he’s going to be a hit.VP

7. George Harrison on Holiday. This picture just brought back thousands of images and memories of the cool Beatles era. Thank you George!w8ddh8k

6. Daredevil. Kirill Oreshkin, the Russian daredevil took selfie to new heights with this extreme picture.o-DAREDEVIL-570

5. Top Gun. Talk about cool. This F-16 pilot has the perfect location and timing to do a selfie, what with that AIM-9 missile 80,000 feet above the ground.PFmUBRu

4. Beyonce Photobomb. Beyonce’s fans are the luckiest on the planet.nUjcZt3

3. The Most Dengerous Selfie. Angry bulls as the background is not exactly ideal or normal that’s why we are hands down for this bada**.o-BULL-RUN-SELFIE-570

2. Selfie in Space. This selfie put all the other selfies to shame and this could be easily be the number one for the level of coolness, originality, and all the criterion, except for one.o-SPACE-SELFIE-570

1. World’s Oldest Selfie. This photo beat number 2 simply because this guy, Robert Cornelius, made the very first selfie in recorded history.o-FIRST-SELFIE-570

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