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10 States With The Lowest Cost Of Living In The U.S.

It can be tough to tough to choose the right state to live in if you are interested in a place to settle down to start a family or if you are venturing on your own from high school or college. You may have a good job but the cost of living in some states might be prohibitive. Here are states that have affordable cost of living for you to choose from.



In Mississippi, there are job opportunities and the house prices are also fair. Home values are also good in most counties. For example, in DeSoto County the average home values is just over $103,000; the median household income here is &58,500.



Indiana has rolling hills along the Ohio River in the South, Lake Michigan in the north, and lakes, rich farmland woods and in between. It also has easy access to Chicago at the northwest corner. The median cost of homes here was $102,900 while the median household income was $57,500 in 2011.



Kentucky’s major cities like Lousville and Bowling Green offer single family homes at about $137,000, while the median family income is in the range of $30,000. In the Lexington-Fayette metro area, single family units, go for $160,000 while the median family income is $46,000.



This is largely a rural state and is therefore great for those who like the rural setting. Over the past few years, the median household income here has been increasing yet the price of food and other necessities have remained relatively low. In Omaha, the median home prices were affordable in 2011 at only $111,500, while in Lincoln they were $125,000.


Idaho lies in the west of Montana. In its largest city of Boise, the median household income was just under $51,000 in 2011. The median house sale prices were $114,000. Its wide open-spaces coupled with the low cost of living make most people to like it.


Other low cost states include:
• Utah
• Texas
• Arkansas
• Oklahoma
• Tennessee


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