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10 Universities That Give The Best Quality of Life for Students

Do you want to study in a school that gives you high quality student life? A recent survey reveals the top schools that offer this advantage.

10. University of Exeter. In 2013, this institution in South West England, United Kingdom ranked 14.exeter_alamy_3059539k

9. University of Dundee. This gives the student the cheapest bars, shops and other amenities. Its area also has one of the lowest crime rates in Scotland.dundee_2526340a_3059540k

8. University of Oxford. This collegiate research university in England used to be number 5 last year.oxford_alamy_3059541k

7. Northumbria University. This is the biggest University in North East of England with 33,000 students coming from over 100 countries.Northumbria_192519_3059545k

6. University of Cambridge. This university ranked third last year.cambridge-alamy_3059548k

5. University of Glasgow. Students here earn an average of £25,111 after they graduate.glasgow_rex_3059551k

4. Newcastle University. This university maintained its position last year at number four.newcastle_alamy_3059553k

3. Durham University. It used to be on the top spot last year. This school has the cheapest shops and other amenities.durham_rex_3059563k

2. University of Bath. 93 percent of students here are satisfied with their courses, 94 percent find employment or a different course after they graduate, and almost all are satisfied with their social lives.bath_alamy_3059564k

1. Loughborough University. The social life rating in this school is one of Britain’s best.Loughborough_3059565k

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