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10 ways to know he is in to you

How do you know if he is in to you? This is the question that drives millions of women gaga when they set their selves on a date. The modern man is difficult to figure out. But did you know he shows nonverbal signs that REALLY tell if he is in to you or not?

Leaning Closer

When you see a hint that he is leaning forward just to get closer to you, then you can be sure that he is in to you. This may be obvious or subtle.


As he leans closer to you, your body somehow responds and try to get closer as well. This strong rapport is a signal that he is in to you.

The eyes are the windows to the soul

It is a cliché, but it is true. If you see a certain glow in his eyes when he looks at you, you can tell he is in to you.

Touch the right spot

A man knows when and where to touch a woman. Touching is an important indicator whether or not he is really in to you. If he makes you comfortable and warm with the strokes of his hand, then you know he is in to you.


There is a fine line between coincidence and fate. If you accidentally meet in at your favourite café, it is a happy coincidence that means he is in to you.

It’s all about you

If he is not so full of himself and he is interested in things about you by asking more about you, then he is in to you.

Chick Flicks

If he watches “The Notebook” with you, then you have yourself your very own Ryan Gosling.


He should be humorous, yes. But if he laughs at your jokes, especially the corny ones, then you have a keeper.


Arrogance is repelling, but a guy who is too shy is not attractive either. If he emits just enough confidence to get your interest, then he is in to you.

Mutual feeling

This may sound magical, but if you feel something for him and you can tell he has a mutual feeling, then he probably is in to you.

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