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11 of the World’s Easiest Getting Ready Make Up Tips

Doing your own make up can sometimes be difficult and even takes too long, unless you’re a professional.

If you are an amateur, here are unbelievably easy make up techniques that would make getting ready effortless:

Peach-colored concealer under the eyes

If you were working all night, you need to cover up those bags under your eyes. Use a peach-colored concealer to cover it up. This will make you look more awake. It will also make your eyes look brighter.  

Wine-colored lipstick and eye shadow

Yes, eye shadow. Use it with a wine-colored lipstick to make your lips look more diffused and soft. The eye shadow will buff the color to prevent your lips from looking fully blown.

Powder or blot shine

To make sure your face doesn’t look puffy, powder or blot away the shine on the sides of your nose.

Keep eyes open when applying cat eye make up

When people create cat-eye they have their eyes closed. Try keeping your eyes open, so that you’ll know how it will really look like with your eyes open.

Apply bronzer triangularly

Right below your cheeks apply bronzer in a triangular shape. This will give you a natural flush look.

Ashy brown eyeliner

This will give your eyes dimension without being too harsh.

Additional Tips:

  • Put Gloss with lip balm with your regular eye shadow
  • Small and straight brow brush for flawless arches
  • Mix your concealer with gold cream eye shadow for natural inner eye highlighter
  • Blend brown lipstick on your cheeks for that sun-kissed glow
  • Hold your blush brush or bronzer vertically when applying make up under your cheekbone

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