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13 Clever Tricks to Save Your Favorite Clothes From Getting Ruined

Do you have ruined clothes you don’t want to give up for its sentimental or monetary value? Here are clever hacks to help you preserve ruined clothes.

  1. Do you have shedding sweaters? Cashmeres and wools have the tendency to shed, like nonstop. What you can do is put it in a plastic bag and put the bag in the freezer the night before you want to wear it.sweaterfreezer
  2. Favorite Jeans with Bad Odors? No problem. Again, put it in a bag and put the bag in a freezer.freezerjeans
  3. Armpit stains be gone! Do this with lemon juice and baking soda.armpitstains
  4. Deodorant Marks be gone! Use the foam cover of the dry clean hanger.deodorant
  5. Strong odors on clothes you want to wear hours later? Spray a small amount of vodka and let it dry for an
  6. In a hurry but accidentally smudged your shirt’s collar with your foundation? A little bit of shaving cream can do magic.shavingcream
  7. Lipstick stains are no match to a hairspray.lipstick
  8. Loose sunglass hinges? Dab it with a clear nail polish to temporarily make it tighter.sunglassesnailpolish
  9. Unraveling buttons? Use clear nail polish to keep it together.buttonnailpolish
  10. Stubborn scuff on your leather shoes? It’s nothing compared to the combo powers of a cotton swab and petroleum jelly.vaseline
  11. Bad odors on sweaty sneakers? Put baking soda after your workout.sneakerbakingsoda
  12. Red wine stains on fabric will be rendered useless with white wine.redwine
  13. Run stockings? Clear nail polish is your best friend.nrm_1406653148-7h1a7565

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