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15 of the Craziest and Mind-Blowing Things To Do Before You Die

Before you die, you have to take risks and go beyond your limitations. That exhilarating feeling you get when you do something insanely dangerous is one of the true sense of living.

  1. Be a Human Catapult. You know what a catapult is. Now imagine yourself as the ammo and get hurled up to 50 feet away.3 1
  2. Bungee Jump The Nevis. If you are an adrenaline junkie, head to Queensland, New Zealand and bungee jump the world’s largest static jump at 143 meters.3 2
  3. Swim Across The English Channel. This is the most challenging thing you can do when it comes to swimming.3 3
  4. Climb Tapei 101. This tower stands at 1,670 feet high. Climb it and look at the world from the top. 3 4
  5. Go Sky Diving. This is still the quintessential adrenaline stunts out there. 3 5
  6. Chase Storms. And do that while you’re windsurfing. RedBullStormChase-®Koerber_RedBullContentPool
  7. Ski the K2. Brave the deepest of the deeps. DSC_4244-resized-600
  8. Dive the mysterious depths of the Bahamas’ Blue Holes. Great_Blue_Hole
  9. Ride the scariest roller coasters. Roller-coasters
  10. Swim with the sharks. 513241-news-image-shark-20100223
  11. Bungee jump from a helicopter.1-@instanachris-600x600
  12. Go on an extreme sky dive, like 60,000ft off the ground.3827673841_07f71ff5bb_b-490x326
  13. Hang glide on amazing mountain ranges. Hang-Gliding
  14. Motocross Jump. This has the highest potential of breaking your neck – FAST.hangtown_kickstart_2012_30-600x400
  15. Run with the bulls, or more correctly, run away from the bulls.running-of-the-bulls-spain-pamplona-1024x627 

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