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17 Best Cliché Ideas to Do Before You Die


  1. Everybody has a list of things to do before they die. Some wrote it down, while others have it in the back of their heads.
  2. Travelling to your favorite country is one of the leading things included in your bucket list.
  3. Here are some of the top cliché ideas to include in your:
      1. Go on an epic road trip with the people that matters the most.

Make sure you stay safe and you bring only fun people.

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  1. Visit all of the seven continents. You don’t have to go to all seven in just one year. You can do it gradually. After all, you have to raise that money.9 2
  2. Live in a foreign country. Travelling and living are two different things.9 3
  3. Learn Foreign Languages. How many foreign languages should you learn? As many as you can. But one is actually enough, if that’s what you prefer.9 4
  4. Watch The Best Movies You Haven’t Seen Yet. Look for a top 100 movie list and find time to watch them.410111aa
  5. Read The Best Books You Haven’t Read Yet. Look for a top 100 books list.9 6
  6. Conquer a Fear. Conquering your fear can give you an ecstatic feeling of freedom.9 7
  7. Get arrested. But hopefully not for a serious crime.515f37d896a41.preview-620
  8. Pilot an aircraft. Get a crash course and pilot a non-commercial plane. WacoBW-1024x701
  9. Grow your own supply. Don’t do this if Marijuana is already legal in your state. Where’s the fun in that, right?Denver Relief marijuana business
  10. Research your family tree. While this sounds less exciting, it definitely is the most significant. victoria_family_tree_1901
  11. Get in a fun mud fight. It’s super messy and super fun.Picture 1
  12. Have a fortune teller tell your fortune. Just for the LOL.Kleo_the_Celebrity_Gypsy_Fortune_Teller_copyright
  13. Skinny Dip. Just take a dip with only your birth suit on.Picture 2
  14. Do the deed in a public place. ‘Nuff said.Public-Place
  15. Donate your healthy organ to a stranger. Really, what’s more heroic than this?keep-calm-and-donate-organs
  16. Take a picture with a Tiger. Make sure the tiger is breathing. Nong Nooch Botanical Gardens TK005

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