5 Differences of 1970s Halloween to Today’s

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Last Updated: Aug 25, 2016

Forty years ago, Halloween for the parents were kinda super easy. Here’s how Halloween in the 1970’s differs from today’s.

1. On Halloween costumes.

1970s: Kids have minimal choices to whoever they want to be on Halloween. Parents just buy a mask with matching outfit for $5.99. If nothing on K-mart fits, parents just pull out old sheets and put two holes so the child can go as a ghoul.bedsheet ghost

Today: Moms will Pinterest ideas for three months ahead. Children can choose whoever they want to be. Halloween costumes are worth $89.50 but moms spend more than that to make sure their child will only use non-allergenic materials. When they’re done making the costume, they would post the process on their Instagram or Pinterest accounts. 
instagram or pinterest

2. Getting ready on Halloween night. 

1970s: Children are super excited for trick or treat night that they don’t care if they have minimal vision and oxygen under their tiny-holed masks. They run around the yard with their costumes on, getting all sweaty and messy, even before trick or treat time comes.tiny-holed masks

Today: Children are welcomed with home baked Halloween themed cookies and stay inside their rooms to read or draw so they don’t get overstimulated. An hour before the designated time, moms will tell children to wash their faces, pee, brush teeth. Moms help their children dress up and take pictures of her child and herself to post on Facebook. Afterwards she will usher her child outside for different poses on which will be posted on her Instagram later.home baked Halloween

3. Halloween night trick or treating. 

1970s: Mother would rip off pillowcases and hand it to children so they can have their Halloween bags. Moms give their children flashlights. Children run off like a group of maniacs banging on door to door shouting “trick or treats?”  until such time that their mothers would tell them to go home. At around 11 p.m. children come home with a bag full of treats.   Halloween night trick

Today: Moms will hand out organic Halloween bags with their child’s name on. When it’s trick or treat time, moms put their children at the back of the car and drive on the houses of neighbor, door to door. At 8 p.m., moms drive their children home. children home

4. The candy.

1970s: Moms will check the bags for stuff that are not safe for their child and hand out a snack from the stash as moms allow their kids to go through what they got. Children are allowed to eat their stash until they fall asleep in front of the TV, still with the full costume on, watching an epic horror film. candy

Today: Moms make their children go upstairs to change and as they do that they also go through the bag themselves for signs of drugs or any other illegal substances. She throws the non-organic stuff away and separate the chocolate from non-chocolate. They allow their kids to have a piece or two before heading off to bed by 9 p.m.d.2014

5. Post-Halloween.

1970s: Children wear the costume until it falls apart. Moms help their children keep the costume together until they can no longer do anything about it.Post-Halloween

Today: Moms will wash the costumes and put it in a recycled bag and then donate it to the church for next year’s Halloween. 

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