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5 Eyebrow Raising Magazine Covers for the Past Few Years

Over the years, publications have tried so hard to grab people’s attention to buy their papers. Time magazine, Rolling Stone, Vogue, to mention a few, have crossed the line of basic to controversial just to grab a reader’s eye. There are controversial stories, controversial issues, and controversial covers just to sell. AND people love it. In fact, the more controversial it is, the more people will buy it.

1. Edward Snowden for WIRED. He’s the worst whistleblower a government can wish to employ or the best hero the rest of the world can ever see in this generation. It depends on one’s perspective. But his cover for WIRED magazine was too controversial for normal standards.Picture 1

2. True Blood for Entertainment Weekly. Once again, the True Blood cast hoped nudity can bring more viewers to watch their final season.Picture 2

3. True Blood for Rolling Stone. This cover was labelled NSFW by some people who wanted it out and pulled from the shelves.Picture 3

4. Neil Patrick Harris for Rolling Stone. The actor shoed his hard work to promote his Broadway musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Picture 4

5. The President for Bloomberg Businessweek. The November 4 issue criticized Obama administration’s biggest challenge of all — the technical problems that riddled the Obamacare website.Picture 6

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