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5 Important Info About Downton Abbey Season 5

The US Premier of the much-awaited Downton Abbey Season 5 will be on January 4, 2015. Even if it is still six months away, the PBS drama’s cast gathered last Tuesday for the final leg of their TCA summer Press Tour.


During the press conference, the cast revealed some previews of the new season as well as their feelings about it.

Here are the top 5 things you need to know about the fifth season:

  1. Since the next season’s story will pick up six months after the finale of season four, it means season five will take place in 1924.
  2. There will be a hand full of new characters in the new season. One of them is Lady Anstruther who is played by Anna Chancellor. Since there are new characters, Paul Giamatti and Shirley MacLaine’s characters won’t be back for this
  3. Mary is finally prepared to get back to her feet and face the world, after the death of her husband Matthew, played by Dan Stevens. According to Dockery, Mary would be quite impulsive for this season. She is finally out of the black, mournful wardrobe, and she is back to how she used to be before Matthew’s death.
  4. The new season will still focus on Anna’s rape and its effects on her relationship with Brendan Coyle’s Mr. Bates. Froggatt said you can see how the incident changed Anna during the start of the season. Now, Mr. Bates and Anna are hiding secrets from each other.
  5. Mary and Tom may not enter into a romantic relationship, but their friendship is definitely getting deeper as they try to develop Downton. Meanwhile, there may be a glimmer of hope for Mrs. Hughes played by Phyllis Logan and Mr. Carson played by Jim Carter. They were holding hand by the beach during the last episode of the final season.

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