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5 Practical Must-Do Steps to be 100% Productive at Work

Contrary to what you want to believe, you don’t actually get 100% productive at work in a day. That’s because of different factors such as bad time management, Internet distraction, office snacking habits, and the likes. To really meet your 100% productivity rate, there are practical steps you can follow and these are:

1. Do a 7-minute exercise. It’s long enough to wake you up and short enough to preserve your energy to get around what needs to be done.7-Minute-HIIT-Workout

2. Eat or drink green breakfast everyday. Not only is it healthy, it also requires less time in preparation.woman-eating-healthy-food-for-beauty

3. Decide on the three things you want to accomplish in the next 10-12 hours and call it your “3 wins”. How does this help? Not only will it help you feel like a champion; that kind of motivation will keep the ball rolling forward.

4. To-do lists should be time bounded. Otherwise it will turn into an ineffective project list. this is necessary step to aid the third step. What you need to do is block your calendar and add 33% more time on each task.Calendar-and-Scheduling-Software

5. Rezone after lunch. Use the remaining 15 minutes on your lunch break to meditate and assess what you have so far achieved and what you’re planning to achieve for the next half of a day.

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