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5 True Origins of Greek Legends

The ancient Greek legends have influenced the world until the modern day from language, science, politics, education and philosophy.


These mystical Greek legends continue to captivate people until today. But where do these ideas really come from?

  • The Trojan Horse. The 750BC epic song Odyssey by Homer is about how the Greeks tried to conquer Troy, which is now the modern-day Hisarlik, Turkey. After failing to infiltrate the city, they hid in a giant horse as a gift for the Trojans. Once inside the walls, they attacked and burned the city down. Archaeological evidences prove that Troy was burned down, but no Trojan Horse was found._76336656_92846723(3)
  • Homer. Just like the Trojan Horse, the existence of its creator, Homer, is also questioned. Though ancient Greek argues that he is a bard, there is not much known about the Iliad and Odyssey author. The stories were passed through orally and were later on written in Greek.homer
  • One Inventor of the Alphabet. The Greek alphabet came from the Phoenicians from the east. The Greek alphabet was later on adopted by the Romans and became the western alphabet. There was one adapter of the Phoenician alphabet and his name is Palamedes. The Greek letter evolved with the help of Pythagoras, a 6th century mathematician._76423592_478331377
  • Who really Invented the Pythagoras’ Theorem. The Babylonians already know about the mathematical equation for a long time and Pythagoras simply discovered it, or maybe even proved it._76326868_92821881
  • How did the Greeks start to use money? Trade has been going on for millennia, and there is no proof that monetising economy started in Greece. According to classicist Richard Seaford, money started deep within the Greek psyche as ideas of reciprocals and obligations, as well as face-values and intrinsic values where the state is the guarantor of the monetary value._76337025_140396291

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