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5 Types of men women should avoid

A lot of women are saying that all men are the same. Maybe it is because they have been dating men with the same attributes; the wrong attributes. In today’s dating pool, it is very difficult for a modern woman to find the right man, or at least a better man.

Here are the five types of men that women should never date:

Full of himself

A man who talks about himself too much is a narcissistic megalomaniac. He will never see beyond himself. This is the type of person who always finds a way to talk about himself no matter what subject you are discussing. When it is all about him, its toxic.

Mr Pick up

This is the type of guy who researches YouTube for the latest pick up trick. He will use all the information he knows and the skills he has just to get into your pants. This type of man is almost the opposite of the “full of himself.” He will ask questions about you, complement you as much as he can, he makes sure it is all about you. This is how he flirts and if you get flattered enough, he will take advantage and grab what he is after, a one-night stand with you.

Mama’s Boy

There may be nothing wrong with this, but you don’t want to be the substitute for a man’s mother. This type of guy also can’t make manly decisions without consulting with his mother. With a man like this, you might become the mother, or you might have to go against his mother.

Suck ass

He will do anything that you say and he will put you on a pedestal. Yes, this is dreamy, but this type of guy does not have his own stand. He will be like a slave to you. He will become every annoying in time.


He hates feminists. He thinks men should be treated as equals of women, and women should not get special treatment just because they are ladies. This type of guy is the best manifestation of “chivalry is dead.”

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