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6 Day-to-Day Things That Drive Women Over the Edge

It’s natural to feel crazy for the littlest things that drive you nuts. You’re not alone. Psychologist Barbara Greenberg interviewed women and noticed that sometimes, the most basic things are the greatest sources of annoyance. Check out the list to see if your source of irritation was included.

  1. Foods. Your friend could claim she’s lactose-intolerant when you ordered a tall glass of ice cream, yet helped her self with the half of it.94835
  2. Computer Problems. They say you will never know whom you’re about to marry until you see them respond to a very persistent computer problem on a tight deadline.96783878
  3. Repetitive Tasks. A sense of completion feels good. But before we all arrive to that point, there’s always that “are we done yet?” kind of feeling as we pull and fold laundry after laundry out of the basket.most-hated-house-chores
  4. Running out of things. When you had to drive for almost an hour just to buy an item you were craving for the most and the store just ran out of it 10 minutes ago.woman-shopping-in-pajamas
  5. Driving Issues. An annoying honk from another driver can always make any woman go bananas.pixland_roadrage_964469595.jpg_detail
  6. Unnecessary Comments. You bathed, combed your hair, brushed your teeth, and so far having a good day. But your coworker suddenly comments about how enough hours of sleep could do wonders to your skin.thanks-for-the-unwanted-opinions-and-unnecessary-comments-let-me-jot-it-down-in-my-i-dont-give-a-shit-notebook-c1adc

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