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6 Effective But Simple Ways to be Happier

A lot of people spend a fortune on books, trainings, manuals and other courses to boost their happiness. But being happy is easier than you think. According to the late motivational speaker Jim Rohn, happiness is not something you pursue, it is something you attract by the person you become.

Here are easy ways to boost your happiness:

  1. Be an Optimist. By changing your attitude from being a pessimist to becoming an optimist, your whole world will change to the better. If you are a pessimist, you will see the ugly design of the window, but if you are an optimist, you will see the beautiful view outside. Plus, being an optimist makes your heart healthier.4 1
  2. Don’t Overwork. Put balance in your work and personal life. You will have no good purpose in life if you face your computer or work desk the entire day. Yes, you have to work, but leave some time for your personal life to have fun and be with the family.Office Worker with Mountain of Paperwork
  3. Don’t Be A Materialist. Collect wonderful memories instead of the latest gadgets and other materialistic things. This way, you won’t feel like the money you earn is always insufficient.  4 3
  4. Be Friendly. According to recent studies, if you build your social network, you will age slower.Friendly group of people waving to you
  5. Be Generous. There is a certain feeling of elation and happiness when you give. And when you give, don’t herald it to make everyone know how generous you are.4 5
  6. Laugh. If you laugh a lot, you will be happier, healthier and you will live longer. So, thank the person who made you laugh today.4 6

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