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6 Hacks to Beating Hangover

There are hacks to almost everything in life right now. Thanks to the Internet and to its avid and creative users who do nothing else in life but help others get through life smoothly. It’s a noble cause really. But going back, there are life hacks to almost everything now, including preventing a hangover. Hah! Picture 2

Here are things to do and to avoid whenever you want to party out with your best pals because let’s face it, nobody wants a picture of their crappy selves wasted all over the social media, right?

  1. Drink tea. Not during the drinking sesh but hours before. Sip on green tea because it’s your liver’s best defense.
  2. Drink plenty of water. Dehydration is your worst enemy. Make sure you chugged down at least four glasses before you start sipping on the martini. Water with a squeeze of lemon is awesome too.women-friends-drinking-wine
  3. Eat a meal. This is common sense. Make sure you loaded up on fats to delay the effects of alcohol in your blood stream..
  4. If you happen to forget #3, order nuts or olives as you drink.Picture 1
  5. To avoid feeling bloated, avoid drinks with sugar mixes.
  6. The best time for the body to process alcohol is late at night. If you drink at lunchtime or in the early afternoon, you’ll feel the effects of the alcohol stronger.

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