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7 Extremely Strange and Weird Wedding Traditions From Around the World

Weddings are the most important celebration of our lives. But some people it’s an incredible crazy adventure. It’s an occasion of fun and surprises. If you wish to throw a wedding that your friends have never heard of, take a look at these weird wedding traditions from around the globe.

  • Chinese Tradition: Shooting the Bride – In China brides are shot with three blunted arrows by their grooms, after that they break the arrows. How’s this for a wedding?
    Shooting the Bride
  • Korean Tradition: Beating the groom’s feet with a cane – In Korea, before his first night as a married man, with a cane or a fish the groom has his feet beaten. This act is more fun than painful.
    Korean Tradition
  • Romani Tradition: Kidnapping the Brides – Here if a guy manages to convincingly kidnap a girl and have her with him for at least 3 days, she will probably be declared his wife officially.
    Romani Tradition
  • Indian Tradition: Shoe Thieves – Before approaching the wedding altar, in India the groom has to take off his shoes. The chaos begins as soon as the groom does this. The bride’s family tires to steal it and the groom’s family is expected to protect the shoe.
    Indian Tradition
  • Chinese Tradition: Butch brides – One more Chinese tradition that you have never heard of , in their culture a bride is supposed to shave off a lock of her hair as a sign of cleanliness.
    Chinese Tradition
  • Scottish Tradition: Blackening of the bride – In Scotland, brides are pelted with all types of rubbish such as tar, dead fish, feathers and even curdled milk, so that she can tackle anything that comes her way after marriage.
    Scottish Tradition
  • German Tradition: Breaking plates – In German weddings, guests brings porcelain of any type and then break them to ward evil off evil spirits. After that the couple clean up the mess together. It is believed that in this way they can face any challenge in their life after marriage.German Tradition

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