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7 Proven Painting Techniques for a More Beautiful Room

Painting isn’t just the most popular home improvement project; it is also the easiest and affordable DIY activities for the beautification of your home.

Here are the best techniques in painting your hom

Choose the right paint type

Oil used to be the most popular oil type. But for the past several years, latex has gained popularity when it comes to DIY home painting. Latex is easier to use, it dries up quick, and you can effortlessly clean it. Latex gives you great durability and a smoother finish.

Think of the future

Think about how long you will be staying in your home. You should also think of the potential buyer if you plan to sell your house in the future. Before, super-saturated and bold colors were popular. Now, the trend has shifted to serene hues and more feminine colors.

Don’t depend on what you see in the can

The paint’s color is different in the can or on a paper, compared to when it is painted on your wall.

How much paint you need

Remember that for every one gallon of paint, 300 to 350 square feet of space can be covered.

Prepare your Budget

Usually homeowners spend $1,655 to paint the interior of their house.

Use Primer

Using a primer makes the color of your paint look better. Plus, it helps you avoid bleeding and stains.

Paint with “W” motion

After the planning and preparation, it is finally time to work. It is always better to use the “w” motion when painting the walls of your home.

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