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8 Essential Secrets To Achieve The Ultimate French Woman Beauty

Paris based editorial makeup artist Violette shares beauty secrets on how to be as beautiful as the French women. She says the French always wanted to be themselves; not the better versions of who they are. As a French woman herself, Violette talks about why it’s better to be used to something than try to change it. That’s why French women always ask what they can do with their face or with their hair. But, Violette says there are ways on how to look perfect with the flaws, without even trying too hard. violette-4-w724

  1. French women prepare; they don’t primp. According to Violette, French women “treat their bases the best they can” with keeping their amazing skin, body, and hair amazing so they wouldn’t have to do anything else with it. grazia-france-october-2013-make-up-by-Violette
  2. French women eat as much organic as much as possible.
  3. French women only go to the gym if they feel like it.
  4. French women rarely needs a hair blowout.
  5. French women goes for a regular haircut than for a good styling product. 29977d78c17a9b7b845ca136427bb8c7
  6. French women are more about the red lips; not so much about the upper lash lines.
  7. French women doesn’t contour; they highlight.
  8. French women does their smoky eye a little bit messy with a creamy texture.

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