9 Beauty benefits of green tea for skin complexion

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Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018

After many decades of debating whether or not the potential adverse effects of caffeine in green tea far outweigh the benefits of green tea for skin complexion and for promoting general health, there is finally a general consensus that the antioxidants in green tea help body cells maintain and sustain their vitality. The protective antioxidants found in rich concentrations in green tea, however, are not the only reasons why you should be folding in green tea in your diet and skin care.

What are the Health Benefits of Green Tea?

What kind of tea is good for your skin? Studies show that black tea may be able to deliver the same rich benefits that can be derived from green tea. Presently, more people are convinced that green tea is good for their health and beauty. In 2017, green tea made up 13 per cent of all the tea consumed in the US, the third largest importer of tea worldwide.

Many studies have demonstrated how the consumption and topical application of green tea improves multiple body processes. One study published in the journal, Current Pharmaceutical Design, in 2013 reviewed the available evidence that show exactly how your body can take advantage of the countless benefits, listed below, that can be derived from green tea:

Can green tea help clear skin?

The benefits of green tea for skin also knows no end. From protecting to healing your skin, there is definitely a role that green tea can play in your beauty routine. How is green tea good for your skin? Count the ways you can use green tea to promote skin health below:

1. Prevent Skin Cancer. Green tea face mask benefits go beyond vanity. These can also help prevent skin cancer. Studies have demonstrated the natural chemopreventative properties of green tea. Mixed results, however, have been noted in a review of studies investigating the cancer prevention benefits of green tea where green tea drinkers were found to have lower risks for developing certain types of cancers while they were found to exhibit higher risk in some types, such as lung cancer. Although, green tea for skin is generally highly regarded to deliver visible improvements in characteristics and its additional photoprotective properties help shield it from the irreversible, cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays.

2. Rejuvenate Skin Cells. By providing your skin an ample dose of protection from free radicals, your skin cells are protected from becoming permanently degraded or, from turning into more free radicals that further attack your body. In addition, the rich antioxidant protection rendered by green tea to the skin gives your skin cells the time it needs to cope with much-needed damage repairs.

3. Soothe Acne And Lighten Skin. Is green tea good for your skin acne? Green tea for acne benefits has become well-known. Green tea has very strong anti-inflammatory properties that helps relieve your chronically irritated, acne-challenged skin, effectively clearing it of redness and bumpiness while also easing the swelling and itching. In addition, the high concentration of Vitamin C in green tea pumps up the energy in your skin cells which helps revitalize it. Vitamin C also has natural astringent properties that help lighten dark, including scars left behind by acne, and that brighten your overall skin complexion.

4. Psoriasis Treatment. If you’re still asking, “Is green tea good for your face?” you must know that green tea has been found to be beneficial even for people constantly embattled by chronic skin conditions like psoriasis, but also eczema and rosacea. Apart from the rich antioxidant protection rendered by green tea for the skin, it also contains significant amounts of protein, potassium and magnesium, minerals that your skin needs to fuel repair, normalize hydration, and enhance skin synthesis, respectively.

5. Dandruff removal. Dandruff is essentially caused by dry skin on your scalp. One of the green tea benefits for hair health is relieving your itchy, flaky dandruff. Rinsing your hair and scalp with steeped green tea delivers potassium which promotes a better moisturized scalp, as well as antioxidants and calcium which protect your scalp from damage and flaking.

6. Reduce Oiliness Of Skin. Green tea has natural moisture restorative properties. It helps prevent your skin from overcompensating for skin dryness, thereby keeping your skin from becoming excessively greasy.

7. Improved Sun Protection. Not only does green tea deliver a load of antioxidants to shield your skin, it also has been found to have natural photo protective properties. This combination helps your skin resist UV damage as it simultaneously neutralizes damaging free radicals.

8. Lessen Acne And Blackheads. Can green tea help clear skin? The natural anti-inflammatory properties of green tea helps promote a blemish-free and more radiant complexion. Beyond that, its oil regulating and hydration promoting properties help prevent the future development and further proliferation of acne.

9. Natural Skin Toner. Green tea for face toner has also become a popular. By soothing inconsistencies in your skin tone, lightening dark marks, soothing reddish skin irritations, and brightening your overall skin tone, green tea improves the overall appearance of your skin with regular use. Green tea also relieves blood vessels underneath skin which causes your skin pores to become tighter, in effect, making your skin appear smoother when viewed from the surface.


Countless positive benefits can be derived from green tea. Still, green tea side effects on skin and the rest of your body is always possible most especially when green tea is taken in excess or, when low quality of green tea is used or, if it is contaminated. There may also be other reasons why green tea is bad for you, that includes increasing your risk for hypertension, nervousness and palpitations. So, use in moderation.

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