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9 Shocking Things That Happened in TWD season 5 Premiere

One of the biggest news in the TV industry this week was the premiere of the much-awaited AMC series, the Walking Dead. It’s Season 4 final episode left so much shocking and gripping cliffhangers that viewers have to be counseled back to reality. The first episode of Season 5 reminded the whole world why it’s the best horror series to watch as it drew 17.3 million unique viewers world wide. If you haven’t seen it yet, where have you been? Before you read through, be warned that this article contains major spoilers. Here are the most shocking events that occurred at Terminus.

  1. The people at Terminus (except Rick’s crew and other prisoners) are cannibals.
  2. These cannibals have been tortured by the previous group of people who run Terminus. 
  3. Walkers are more dead than ever. If something about them changed it’s that they’re more hungry and more grotesque. Is that even possible?
  4. Carol saves the day with the old cover-yourself-up-with-walker-guts technique. She fired at a gas tank which started all the ruckus that enabled Rick, Daryl, Glenn, and alcoholic Bob to get away from their captors.
  5. Terminus Mary confirms they all lost it when they gained control over Terminus. 
  6. A Terminus guy threatened to snap Baby Judith’s neck. Good thing good guy Tyreese was there to break the guy’s face and save Judith’s day and our day as well.
  7. The Walking Dead gang got out of Terminus, which was a good thing because people are starting to wonder if the show’s name will be changed to Terminus after so much promotion last season.
  8. Carol reunited with Daryl and the rest. Rick and Carl reunited with Judith. It was a good ending.
  9. But, wait! There’s one more cliffhanger. Morgan, our trusty old friend, is back! Whether it’s for the good or bad, we don’t know. I guess it’s the drama for this new season.

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