A Beginner’s Guide to 50/50 Eliquids

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Last Updated: Dec 21, 2018

If you’re a vaper, you’ll more than likely believe that there are two main types of eliquid; high PG vape juice and high VG vape liquid.

PG eliquid is designed for vape pens and offers a fuller, more intense throat hit with a bolder flavour. These liquids also tend to come in much higher nicotine strengths. It’s these kind of liquids which many people use they are replacing smoking with vaping, something which even the NHS have stated a case for.

High VG eliquids are used with sub-ohm devices and are designed to help you generate a bigger cloud of “smoke”. However, these kind of juices come in lower nicotine strengths and also have a less intense throat hit.

But there is in fact a third type of eliquid. One that offers a substantial throat hit along with a bigger vapour cloud, as well as a great taste and medium nicotine strengths.

That’s right. We’re talking about 50/50 eliquids. And if you don’t know what we’re talking about, then let us explain…

What Are 50/50 Eliquids?

Quality eliquids are made up of four ingredients. PG, VG, nicotine and flavourings.

The most common type of vape juices have either high PG which means it has a ratio of over 60% PG to 40% VG, or high VG which means the ratio is reversed.

That’s because most vape pens can’t handle a high amount of VG, which means that manufacturers focus on a high PG liquid with lots of flavour and a throaty hit. Conversely, a box mod needs lots of VG to create the clouds that box mod vapers desire.

For a 50/50 eliquid, the ratio is (as you’ve probably guessed) 50/50 PG to VG.

But why?

The Taste and Throatiness of a Standard Eliquid

50% PG is still a throaty, tasty vape. PG, or propylene glycol is the component of an eliquid that carries flavour. That’s because the food grade flavourings in a UK-made eliquid dissolve in PG, not VG.

Furthermore, PG also provides the “hit” of a vape, which gives a similar throat sensation to smoking. This is the feeling at the back of the throat that gives a vape a bit of body and texture.

By choosing a 50% liquid, there’s enough PG to provide a real depth of flavour along with a noticeable throat hit that isn’t as harsh as a high PG liquid.

The Clouds of a High VG Eliquid

That explains the PG, but what about VG? VG, or vegetable glycerin is what creates the clouds of vapour. A juice with no VG wouldn’t produce much of anything when exhaled, and it’d have an incredibly harsh throat hit.

Adding 50% VG still creates an impressive cloud. Not one that is as thick as a billowing high VG cloud, but one that’s still very visible. And what a 50/50 juice may lack in cloud density, it definitely makes up for in flavour.

The Flexibility for any Electronic Cigarette

Finally, the main benefit of a 50/50 liquid is that it’ll work in any device. It won’t clog a vape pen like a high VG liquid would, and it won’t leak or instantly evaporate in a sub ohm box mod like a high PG liquid is prone to doing.

Flexibility. Flavour. Clouds.

Three fantastic reasons to switch over to a 50/50 eliquid. We’re sure that’s a switch you’ll definitely enjoy!

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