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Airlines Lost Man’s Luggage, Luckily The Handle Was Still There

It is every person’s fear to lose his or her baggage during an air travel, especially if you are staying in that place for a month.

But this scary thing happened to Welsh comedian Rhod Gilbert who experiences a sad but funny demise concerning his luggage on a plane travel to Dublin, Ireland.5bb14832a9e9822e6429bc9b0b0214bd63fc1ffc

He used this story when he went to Australia. He uses this story anywhere he goes in the world. But this story truly happened in his flight to Dublin.

He was prepared to go to Dublin complete with new shorts, sunglasses and T-shirts. He also got himself a brand new posh bag with the wheels.

But when he arrived to Dublin a couple of hours after, what was left of his bag was the wheel and the black handle.

Isn’t it horrifying?

First, Gilbert laughed when he saw the handle of the bag as it revolved around the luggage carousel for three times. Other people laughed with him. But when he realized it was his bag, the people who laughed with him slowly disappeared from the scene.

He brought the matter to the desk. Even if the situation was quite obvious with what’s left of the bag on his hand, the desk lady still managed to ask him if there are any problems and if the bag wasn’t it.

Besides that the desk lady also asked protocol question, which at that moment are useless and unnecessary. She asked Gilbert if he thinks anybody could have interfered with it, if he left it unattended at a certain point, and worst, if he did pack it himself. She also asked if it has certain distinguished features. Even though the situation was ridiculous, Gilbert still managed to answer her hilariously.

With his bag 22 kilograms lighter, even the taxi driver made something funny out of it. As Gilbert approached the taxi, the driver opened the trunk and asked if he needs a hand.

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