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Amazing Dogs With Mustaches

A dog is a man’s best friend. This cliché is perhaps the reason why dogs also think they are humans. They stand on two feet, they like being dressed, they drive cars, and some even have mustaches.

Not only does these moustaches make us more in love with them; it also makes us wonder whether they look better than men who have moustaches. That’s why they’re the perfect company, especially for women.

Here are photos of dogs that really have adorable moustaches:

  1. The first picture doesn’t only have a moustache, it seems like he also have socks. Its mustache is dark brown and thick. The hair near its mouth is accentuated by that cute and unbelievable mustache. x7-dogs-who-have-mustaches_got-a-razor.jpg.pagespeed.ic.yoKJqI1vmz
  2. This dog’s mustache is the same colour as its ears and it looks so cute. Its brown dangling ears make its brown mustache look incredible.x9-dogs-who-have-mustaches_so-cute.jpg.pagespeed.ic.eWwgLQ5CYK
  3. Its black and white colour makes it look very cute with its mustache. You can’t simply take your eyes off this little patootie, especially at its mustache, which makes him such a sir.x9-dogs-who-have-mustaches_black-white-and-cute.jpg.pagespeed.ic.xTQUMNYBhA
  4. This dog’s mustache is very small, but it still looks cute. With just a little bit of smudged black colour near the nose, this dog looks kind of like Charlie Chaplin. Its mustache definitely makes it very cute.x9-dogs-who-have-mustaches_size-doesnt-matter.jpg.pagespeed.ic._rF6pefI2Q
  5. One of the little Chewbaccas has a mustache, which makes it stand out from the other one that don’t. Those brown long furry hairs are emphasized with the darker coloured hair in the mouth area of the other dog in this picture.x9-dogs-who-have-mustaches_notice-a-difference.jpg.pagespeed.ic.VizYKjiIhy
  6. This picture of a dog coming out of a box has a very obvious mustache. This dog has a big round eye that makes it extra cute.x7-dogs-who-have-mustaches_ready-to-play.jpg.pagespeed.ic.w_fTuwfHjZ
  7. This dog’s mustache is properly formed, just like a true sir.x7-dogs-who-have-mustaches_what-a-cutie.jpg.pagespeed.ic.HxWRlxDBFs

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