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Amazing Office Gadgets You Must Have

The monochromatic office cubicles never fail to demotivate employees. Customizing your office desk is the best way to remedy this feeling of being unmotivated.

There are employees that allow their workers to personalise their workspace. This increases morale and job satisfaction, which ultimately leads to better productivity.

Here are some of the best gadgets you must have to lively up your workspace:

  • Desk Cycle. For only $159, you can keep those calories burning while working on your office cubicle. You are sedentary in your workspace, and it could affect your health. The desk cycle can keep you moving while focusing on your job.p024qrrb
  • Perpetual Wall Calendar. For $78, you can have a more creative and lively calendar on your office wall. Adding a little colour takes away boredom.p024m03h
  • Brookstone Pocket Projector. If you have extra money to burn. For $299, you can enjoy your personal movie experience in your office with this projector, which you can connect to your smartphone.p024fznm
  • Ostrich Pillow. For $107, you can snooze better with this gadget.p024fzjn
  • Phonophone III. For $178, you can amplify the music from your smartphone through this retro looking speaker. Music always motivates or inspires people and you just might need one in your workplace.Rita Di Cesare Fall Winter 2010

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