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Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer — The 5 Mysterious Clips

The most awaited superhero movie for next year finally released its trailer and the Internet just exploded. According to Digital Spy, the Marvel trailer broke records for trailer views for reaching 34.3 million views in just 24 hours.  Why wouldn’t fans or non-fans alike not explode with excitement? It was presented beautifully, giving cliffhangers after another that made everyone who has seen the trailer beg for an early movie release, ahead than the scheduled May 2015. But that just seems impossible so fans have settled to generating conversations online about some specific clips from the official trailer, which are “mysterious”.

Here are the most talked about Avengers: Age of Ultron “mysteries”:

1. The broken shield. Captain America’s iconic weapon of choice broke. It was supposedly an unbreakable vibranium shield but the trailer shows the shield was shattered into pieces.a7c5c13a5b630692abb82825ff7cb3bac7b91ada

2. The falling hammer. The last time Thor was unable to swing or even lift his Mjolnir was when he was put into exile by his father Odin for being unworthy to yield it. Who’s now worthy to lift his hammer?d3488f1c382a8c014032d536ccae64d56570cb1d

3. The ballerinas. This could perhaps be a distant memory of Natasha Romanoff or a conjured mage of the new character Scarlet Witch.bac2f1ebdafaa908d28fe1a2b28f34ad08fa7a43

4. The loyalty of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. The mutant duo was seen with the villain of the film Ultron and was also seen helping Hawkeye. Who are they really working for?82e98421652131d25a92395b22121d0aac302101

5. Hulk and Black Widow’s goodbye. Are they really saying goodbye? There’s a clip that shows Black Widow raising her hands to the green giant, looking all so bummed out.198cb4e11977291cce16edd7a8c013e45d2ede26

These mysteries will be given light come May 1, 2015. Meanhwile, watch the trailer here:

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