The Truth Behind Some Of The Biggest Beauty Lies In History

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Last Updated: Aug 7, 2017

The Internet has become the number one source of information, allowing us to find details about the things we are interested in within seconds. However, we are always uncertain about the reliability of the information we find online.

Is it true that coffee can be used as a natural remedy against cellulite? And how about the fact that your hair grows faster after you cut it?

In this article, we have taken upon us to reveal the truth behind some of the most often heard beauty myths.

We will tell you whether these are true or not, so that you escape the uncertainty and feel secure about using the Internet for information once again.

#1 Hair Grows Faster After You Cut

Hair grows faster after you cut

Well, sorry to tell you that, but this is not actually true. You can cut your hair, but this will not have lead to the remaining hair growing faster.

According to hairstylists, your hair will grow at the same speed, but it will be healthier, as you have reduced its chance to split.

So, the next time you cut your hair, do not expect for it to grow faster, only healthier.

#2 Hair Can Clean Itself

There are a lot of people who ask themselves what happens when they will stop washing their hair.

Is it true that hair can clean/wash itself? The answer to this question is no. It is practically impossible for hair, or any other part of the body, to clean itself.

Moreover, when it comes to your hair, you need shampoo, to eliminate the excess sebum, dandruff, and debris accumulated at the level of roots (in particular).

#3 The More Shampoo You Are Using, The Cleaner Your Hair Is Going To Be

More shampoo you are using, the cleaner your hair is going to be

Unfortunately, the amount of shampoo you are using has very little to do with how clean your hair is going to be. Just because you are using increased quantities of shampoo, you should not expect your hair to be cleaner.

On the contrary, beauty experts recommend that we should only use a small quantity of shampoo; this should always be applied at the level of the roots, and not on the remaining part of the hair.

#4 Conditioner Works Better When Left Overnight

This is actually true, as conditioner requires a long period to work its magic. Left overnight, it will hydrate and nourish the scalp, as well as the roots of the hair.

The more it is left in the hair, the better the results are going to be.

So, before going to bed, apply your conditioner and wrap a towel around your head. In the morning, rinse your hair and enjoy the results.

#5 Pulling Grey Hairs Out Only Causes Them To Multiply

Pulling grey hairs out only causes them to multiply

If you pull gray hair out, it will not grow back, nor multiply. Just think about it.

If that were true, many people, especially those who suffer from thinning hair or baldness, would give this a try.

There is no proof that pulling gray hairs out will lead to many more appearing, so there is no need to worry about such matters.

#6 Cold Water Rinse After Shampooing For Shiny Hair

If you want your hair to be shinier, you should definitely give the cold water rinse a try.

Once you have finished shampooing, all you have to do is rinse your hair with cold water. This will cause the hair follicles to close, hence the shiny finish of the hair.

#7 Fat-Free Food Is Healthier Than The Full-Fat Version

Fat-free food

This is actually not true, and it is one of the biggest scams in history.

When removing fat from a product or reducing the fat content, other ingredients are added, sugar being most commonly the culprit.

So, you see, the fat-free food can actually cause weight gain, especially when it has also been extensively processed.

#8 You Need To Drink Sports Drinks To Recover From Your Workout

The only situation in which sports drinks are suitable for the post-workout recovery is represented by intense training sessions, performed at a high temperature and for a longer period.

Otherwise, all you need is regular water, to stay hydrated.

#9 The Skin On Your Neck And Décolletage Does Not Require Special Care

skin on your neck

From the start, it should be said that this is false. On the contrary, the skin on the neck and décolletage can suffer tremendously from sun exposure, which almost always leads to premature aging.

You need to use products that protect against the damage done by the UV rays and anti-aging products at the same time.

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These are some of the most important beauty myths that you need to be aware of. When you read an online article, always try to see the logic behind the information presented.
Do not believe what is written, just because it is online. Document yourself more on the subject in question and form your own opinion about it.

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