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Beauty Products Best Kept Inside Your Fridge

You may think that this article is about the fruits, vegetables, and other edible products you use as beauty products that you must keep inside your refrigerator. No, it is not about that.

Just like the milk, the lemon, or the herb, there are other cosmetic products that are actually best kept in the refrigerator to keep them cool and preserve their maximum efficiency.

  • Eye Cream/Gel. Fluid can make your eyes puffy as you sleep. This is why sometimes you have those eye bags as you wake up in the morning. Keep your eye cream in the fridge to keep it cool. As you apply it on your under-eye area, the coldness will constrict the blood vessel to prevent swelling.


  • Anti-itch Cream. Your body can’t feel cold and itch at the same time. If you feel itchy, apply a cold anti-itch cream on it, so that the cool sensation will overcome the itch sensation.


  • Sunscreen. After opening your sunscreen container, it will lose its effectivity in warm environment. Keep the opened sunscreen container in your fridge.


  • Nail Polish. The heat and the sunlight can change the colour of your nail polish and make the formula thicker. Keep it in the fridge to preserve the formula.


  • Fragrance. The heat and the light might change the scent of your perfume. So keep it in your fridge.


  • Anti Acne Products. Some acne products are not as effective if not placed in cool temperature.


  • Lipstick. You don’t have to put your lipstick in the fridge everyday. But the cold temperature can let your lipstick last longer after it has not been used for a long time.


  • Liquid Make Up. These products have specific expiration date after opening them. Put them in the fridge so that they will last longer.


  • Aloe. You usually use this for sunburn. If the aloe is cool, you wont feel the uncomfortable itching and burning sensation.


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