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Best Carry-On Suitcases For Travel-Light People

Delay. That’s the most hated occurrence every traveller can relate to. It’s a waste of time, a waste of money, and a waste of energy. If you are a frequent traveller, know that certain products and services are being done to address this issue. Victoria Bain, the shopping and jewellery editor of Telegraph Magazine has released a list of highly convenient carry on suitcases ideal for men who want to travel fast and travel light.

1. Urbanite by Antler. This can be yours for £95. It has a 32 litres of packable space and it only weighs 2.2 kg. This suitcase will go along well with your plans to swiftly maneuver over your travel itineraries.antler_2987114k

2. Wow Bluedale Case by Eastpak. This is perfect for casual traveling. It can also be carried as a backpack. It’s eye-catching so you can easily spot it wherever. Yours for £125.eastpak_2987116k

3. Black & Black by Globe Trotter. If you’re looking for the best, then this might be it. It is considered as the Ferrari in the luggage market. This 18 inches trolley case is made to order four weeks before you actually need it. Yours for only £615.globetrotter_2987117k

4. Porter Shorthauler Bag by Monocle. This is small enough as a carry on but big enough to hold the things you need. It even has clever inlay to even hold your laptop unscratched. Yours for £275.monocle_2987118k

5. Signo by Piquadro. This £120 luggage can be carried as a backpack. It’s sturdy and designed to survive inflight turbulence.piquado_2987119k

6. Topas Stealth IATA by RIMOWA. This cabin-sized suitcase is so sleek you can imagine Batman carrying it. It can be yours for £790.rimowa-self_2987120k

7. Spinner by Samsonite. This luggage has a three-point locking system and a scallop shell design that will give you an impression that it is sturdy. Well, it is.samsonite_2987121k

8. Briggs & Riley by Selfridges. This James Bond-ish luggage has an EZ Hook suiter for your corporate tux to look fresh. Yours for only £349.self-2_2987122k

9. Hideo Wakamatsu by Hideo Wakamatsu. This luggage is made of tarpaulin material to blend with Japanese functionality. Yours for only £139.Hideo

10. Tumi Alpha 2 International by Tumi. This £695 wheeled luggage is high in quality and ideal for a three-day trip.tumi_2987124k

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