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Best Companies to Work for in America

How would an applicant know if he is applying for the best company to work for when public relations and recruitment teams would only tell you the best about their company?

24/7 Wall St. compiled the opinions of employees on their companies to come up with a list of the best companies to work for in America.

  1. LinkedIn. The ordinary software engineer earns $127,817 a year working in this company, while the senior software engineer has an annual salary of $145,192. Besides the pay, this company has the world’s biggest network of professionals in the internet.LinkedInBuilding
  2. Facebook. Their major objective is to connect people globally. Amazing benefits, wonderful perks, and a relatively flat hierarchy are some of the best qualities this workplace offer.  29facebook_650
  3. Eastman Chemical. This chemical company has most of its 14,000 employees praising its strong teamwork, helpful colleagues, and balanced work life.eastman-chemical-office
  4. Insight Global. This giant IT solutions provider hires some 20,000 employees a year and most employees commend the wonderful staffing practices this company has, hiring workers fast and conveniently.10-Insight-Global-ss
  5. Bain & Company. This leading management consulting firm has its employees commending the professional development and the high quality of its workplace.bain--co.-collaboration-corner
  6. Riverbed Technology. This company helps businesses increase productivity while cutting costs. Its employees are very happy for the balanced work life that the company promotes. Employees also claim that this company has top notch products.mo_090711_hires
  7. Google. This leading search engine has countless employee perks and an incredible work area that is guaranteed to spark productivity. 3017509-poster-p-google-garage-collab
  8. Southwest Airlines. Employees applaud the many great benefits that this company offers and its strong culture.1025_southwest-airlines_485x340
  9. McKinsey & Company. This company boasts itself of having exceptionally skilled employees.mckinsey_company_hong_kong_o030611_4
  10. Boston Consulting Group. This leading management consulting firm has its employees very happy about their co-workers. bostcongroup1

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