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Best Images In Oxford For Photographers

Oxford’s famous colleges and ever-winding road is famous for tourists from all over the world. Countless visitors come to this place to experience the peaceful and historic landmarks of this city located in the southeast of England.

But there is a whole different, picturesque view seen only through a photographer’s lens.

  • Elegant architecture of college structures. All Souls College’s Codrington Library provides a tantalising view of the place with one of the campus’ sundial as a wonderful main subject of the frame. The structures of the colleges in Oxford definitely give photographers an incredible subject to photograph.


  • Shoot Radcliffe Camera from St Mary the Virgin Church’s tower. The “Camera” in Radcliffe Camera means, “room” in Latin. This is a wonderful structure right between Brasenose and All Souls College. This intricately designed behemoth of a structure was built from 1737 to 1749. Snap a photo of it from St Mary the Virgin Church’s tower.


  • Excellent Workmanship on Carvings in unexpected places. Wonderful images are not only seen in big structures under heavy light, they can also be seen in narrower unexpected places. The pew inside St Mary the Virgin Church has a design that looks like the craftsman poured all his passion into it.


  • Snap a photo of the picturesque Oxford Skyline. Besides the Radcliffe Camera, there are plenty other structures you can capture from the tower of St Mary the Virgin Church. You can also include the Sheldonian Theatre’s rooftop in the frame to have a superb Oxford skyline photo.


  • Very Old School Graffiti. If you look closely in the walls of the city’s historical structures, you can see cool graffiti. Only they are not modern, hip-hop graffiti made by young students of this generation. They were carved on the wall by young students of the city’s colleges a few hundred years ago.


Here are other photograph-worthy images in Oxford:

  • The 13 heads of the Sheldonian Theatre
  • See the City through a boat ride on the rivers Cherwell and Thames
  • Oxford’s Covered Market
  • Take photos in the early evening when historical building cast shadows over other structures in the city

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