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Best James Bond Authors Next To Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming is the archetype James Bond author and after his death, six more inherited the responsibility to continue writing novels on the super spy.

Here are the authors and it’s up to you to decide which one’s best:

6. Raymond Benson. From 1996 to 2002, he was able to write a total of six Bond books. He made M a woman to synchronize with Judi Dench in the Pierce Brosnan Bond films and he mixed more gadgetry, action and humor to his Bond novels.1822547

5. Jeffrey Deaver. He presents the 21st Century Bond as a former Royal Naval Reserve in Afghanistan recruited as a secret-agent in a post 9/11 world. He brings Bond to South Africa, Serbia, and Dubai to stop a morbid waste-disposal king in his 2011 Carte Blanche novel.9781444716481

4. John Gardner. His Bond novels are inclined to nuclear threats and plots of SPECTRE, which is Fleming’s special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion. He kept Fleming’s tone and approach, but he failed to relive the animated imagination and verbal style that the original Bond author had.20-Services-USH copy

3. William Boyd. His Solo novel is set back in 1969 with Bond intervening in the Zanzarim and Dahum civil war, which symbolises the Biafran war of Nigeria in the 1960s. Bond gets into the action for oil interest, which seems to be a far-flung cause for Bond’s moral endeavours.818KJ7cDb9L._SL1500_

2. Kingsley Amis (Robert Markham). Colonel Sun is the first James Bond book not written by Fleming. It’s about how a Chinese communist army is plotting to strike Russia and put the blame on Britain. He was able to portray Fleming’s sex, snobbery and sadism in his literary Bond works.Colonel-Sun-Ebook-Cover_medium

1. Sebastian Faulks. He was able to capture Fleming’s Cold War settings. He brought in fluidity in how bond thinks and acts. He also created a strong character in Scarlett Papava, Bond’s love interest. He stayed faithful to Fleming’s major literary elements, which are jeopardy, playfulness, and journalistic way of telling the story.51r7BFXuugL._204,203,200

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