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Best Ways To Respond To Personal Job Rejections

You might want to ask the executives why you weren’t accepted for the job you applied for after the interview. You might be ready for the feedback, which you expect would be about your skills or experience. But they might say, you aren’t fun to be with. That’s stingy, right? When you get a feedback that is personal and is about your likeability, you just might feel worse than not getting the job.howtorejetion*900

Here’s how you handle personal job rejections:

Opportunity for change. Feedbacks, whether positive or negative, are always good for you. It gives you an idea on how to change your approach. You must remember that it is best to just tweak your approach; not do a major overhaul, so that you will still be yourself.

Find out what could have caused the feedback. Find out why the executives said you are not fun to be with. It’s probably because you showed some unruly attitude during the interview. Maybe you were too egoistic during the interview. Reflect on it and try to change that attitude for your next interview. You can learn the real reason if you get in touch with the executives. With a little chat, you may draw out some vital information regarding the rejection.planning-your-follow-up-calls1

Accept it with optimism. This does not mean you deny feeling disappointed and sad. It is normal to feel that way. But don’t wallow in your misery and accept as soon as you can that rejection is a normal part of life.

Join a job search group. Searching for work with a job search group can help you cope up with rejection better, because you will have people to support you.Horrified man reading a document

The odds are never in your favour. To make yourself feel better, remember that almost 90 percent of applicants don’t get hired. But of course if you do the rest of the suggestions above, you will increase the chances of landing on a job.

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