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Beyoncé & Jay Z on the verge of a divorce involving Multimillion Dollar settlement

Beyoncé and Jay Z anticipated divorce will be one of the biggest in history since it will involve multimillion dollars in settlement.


Even though the two are still on their On the Run tour which will finish in Paris in a few weeks to come, they are on the brink of a divorce. It is still not clear whether the divorce will be bitter or amicable.

But what could be the cause of this imminent divorce? For some time now, numerous media have reported that the split might be resulting from either slap-downs or cheating rumors.


Vikki Ziegler, speaking to US magazine concerning the divorce said that in case the divorce rumors are true, then the two are probably working behind the scenes to figure out the right time to make the announcement and also on how they will divide their business entities. Vikki heads up Bravo’s Untying the Knot series.


Ziegler says the divorce will depend on the pre-nup agreement between the two as this is what will determine whether it will be easy or difficult. It will so much depend on whether the couple will decide to keep their finances together or separately.

“That would be a huge factor. If they kept everything separate and discussed how they will be separately paid from their joint business ventures, such as the present tour, or if they’ve put everything into a marital pot for the last six years of marriage,” Ziegler said.


What figures are involved here? It is estimated that Beyoncé stands at $480 worth while Jay Z is at $520. This is going to be the biggest divorce in celebrity history. It will even exceed the Michael Jordan’s settlement in the athletic world.

There is also the issue of custody which is never included in a pre-nup. It comes with custodial questions and child support issues that must be settled.

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