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10 UK Celebrity Searchers That Are Riddled With Viruses

Some people take advantage of famous celebrities, using their names to spread malicious malwares and viruses to computers worldwide.

Here are some famous UK celebrities that will give you viruses if you search for them online, according to McAfee:

  • Rita Ora. The R.I.P. and How We do singer may cause compromisation on your computer if you look for her in search engines.Rita-Ora-SUM_2593812k
  • Lily Allen. This star recently came back to the pop music scene after focusing on her motherhood.lily3_2733325k
  • Harry Styles. Everybody loves this One Direction heartthrob, which is probably the reason for the malwares.styles_2767057k
  • Pixie Lott. She has gained the attention of the judges in Strictly. If you type in “Pixie Lott downloads” or “Pixie Lott mp4s” on search engines, you might get malicious malwares.unnamed_3053634k
  • Ellie Goulding. This platinum-selling artist may be the reason for your computer problems.elliegoulding_2958849k
  • Alesha Dixon. She is the most dangerous reality TV star to search for, according to McAfee.alsha_2582839k
  • David Beckham. The malwares might bend your computer if you search for this national treasure online.Becks1_5_3029072k
  • Jessie J. The Voice Judge is also dangerous.Jessie-J_PA1_2294967k
  • Daniel Radcliffe. After searching for him online, you might find your important files magically disappear.daniel_radcliffe_2565039k
  • Cheryl Cole. This X Factor judge may be the most dangerous UK star to search for, with 15 percent of all the results being malicious malwares.cole_2972827k

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