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5 Major Reasons Why Santa Monica Got $1M Happiness Evaluation Grant

Los Angeles, California’s Santa Monica got the Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Challenge Award grant of $1 million to find out why the citizens in the place are so stressed out.

Santa Monica is currently top two in the list of the most stressed-out suburbs in America.

Here are the major reasons why this suburb is too stressed-out and anxious:

  1. It’s easy to feel poor here. You dream of living by the beach. But do you have at least $1,139,000 to buy a property or $1,400 a month to pay for rent?6 1
  2. Everyone is fit except you. Everyone wants to stay fit in Santa Monica because it is always beach season. You hit the gym, but everyone is just too fit. You get discouraged because it will still take you 6 months to one year before achieving that six pack abs.6 2
  3. Overcrowded. The foot traffic in the Third Street Promenade is incredibly high, especially on Saturdays. The beaches are also overcrowded.Santa Monica Beach, CA
  4. Bad Traffic. This is an understatement. Traffic here is unbearable. You might have to spend more time in your car waiting for the lights to turn green longer than you spend time at the beach.6 4
  5. People Are Mean. The sun and the sand here don’t make people nice. The stress, however, is working efficiently in turning people into their mean nasty selves.6 5

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