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5 Stars With and Without their Makeup

There are natural beauties and there are artificial beauties. Let’s find out who among these five stars have been truthful with the world with the beauty they try to capitalize from their fans.

1. Mila Kunis. The star looks older than her actual age, which is 31 without her red carpet makeup. She look so tired. Even her eyebrows would agree to that lazy word. On the red carpet, she looks stunning.77b11fdd100a27ab0dc949e696b50391.600x

2. Kimora Lee. The supermodel/supermom/supermogul looks so effortless in her natural look. Too effortless for her own good actually. Her red carpet look represents all the fabulousity she tries to sell,; her natural look doesn’t.7b601d4df759f062cfced3244963f42b.600x

3. Demi Lovato. The star recently encouraged young women to be brave and go on a day without makeup. That’s why she posted a picture of her most natural and unfiltered look. It’s breathtaking. Her natural beauty is more appealing than her red carpet version.5b7f02786fac171c7e3190ec76bb162d.600x

4. Madonna. Well in her defense she’s 56 years old. Her natural look proves that she’s just like one of us (a wealthier versions of any of us). But a moisturizer before stepping out could work wonders.0adcf40c94e8fff5e2ac751c7a040a2d.600x

5. Katherine Heigl. Her natural beauty is truly beautiful. Although makeup can enhance her features, we’d take her no make up look every day.089f05e4f616564426f5deca0d4254c0.600x

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