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5 Successful Stars Who Used to be Homeless

A rags to riches story may not be new to your ears, but if you know that one of your favorite celebrity used to be extremely impoverished to the point of being homeless, you might be surprised to know who these stars were, and perhaps, you just might be inspired by their stories.

1. Jim Carrey. Funny guy used to live in a VW camper van all around Canada and inside a tent on his sister’s front lawn. But thanks to that sorry experience, Carrey found sense of humor, according to him.jim-carrey

2. Halle Berry. The actress struggled in her acting career and got cut off from her mother’s usual string of monthly allowance. As a result, she slept in homeless shelters.Oscar-winner-Halle-Berry-once-stayed-in-a-homeless-shelter-in-her-early-20s-

3. Daniel Craig. These days, the 46-year old actor is worth $65 million. But before that, he used to sleep on park benches just to get though the night. Daniel-Craig-or-James-Bond-once-had-to-sleep-on-park-benches-in-London-.jpg

4. Jennifer Lopez. This Bronx girl used to sleep in the studio’s sofa for wanting to be a dancer. Now she’s worth $300 million. She does not only dance, she sings, acts, and help young people reach their dreams too.After-butting-heads-with-her-mother-as-a-teenager-Jennifer-Lopez-slept-on-a-sofa-for-a-few-months-.jpg

5. Hilary Swank. This double Oscar winner used to sleep in an empty house with her mom. They would blow their air mattress up every night and leave in the morning.Academy-Award-winning-actress-Hilary-Swank-lived-in-a-car-with-her-mother-while-they-saved-up-for-an-apartment-in-Los-Angeles-

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