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6 of Hollywood’s Most Beautiful Women

Hollywood’s most beautiful faces in this era range from the young to the old. With or without makeup, these actresses are knockouts. Millions of fans love them not only for the awesome roles they take on, but truly because they are beautiful in every sense of the word.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence. This young beauty says she will never starve herself just to get a part. And for that she has won the heart of the entire world, except perhaps Jared Leto’s.145118-original
  2. Miranda Kerr. This newly single mom/model has been the center of the scuffle that went between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber. She’s the modern day Helen of Troy. She’s the face that launched a thousand spats.145125-original
  3. Sandra Bullock. She represented the entire female population back in 2010 when she divorced her cheating husband, inspiring women to take courage and get off an abusive relationship keeping chins up. She recently turned 50 but really looks like she’s just turned 30.129366-original
  4. Cate Blanchett. No one else in Hollywood can play the role of the ethereal beauty that Lady Galadriel from LOTR has but this 45-year old actress.145107-original
  5. Helen Mirren. Who wouldn’t want to age as gracefully and as beautifully as this 69-year old actress? She’s the ultimate epitome of elegant aging.145121-original
  6. Halle Berry. She’s 48 years old but just a year ago, she gave birth to her second child. Perhaps the glow hasn’t left her because she remains flawless as ever.145123-original

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