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6 Stylish Celebrity Haircuts For Summer

The stylish haircuts for summer 2014 inspired by Rita Ora’s Sideswept Wedge, Shailene Woodley’s Sleek Pixie, Emma Roberts’ Gentle A-Line, Camilla Belle’s Rumpled Bob, Emma Stone’s Wavy Lob and Claire Danes’s Bouncy Layers.

    1. Rita Ora’s Sideswept Wedge Haircut
      Tapering chin length layers and deep bangs brushed onward from the crown softly frame Ora’s face.


    1. Shailene Woodley’s Sleek Pixie Haircut
      Strictly shorn at the nape and long on the top, Woodley’s side parted strands are streamlined with a bit of edge.


    1. Emma Roberts’ Gentle A-Line Haircut
      If you look this picture carefully, you will see that Roberts’ haircut is shorter in the back side by just a smidge, falling in curved edges up front.


    1. Camilla Belle’s Rumpled Bob Haircut
      Belle’s haircut is one-length cut, but by snipping into the ends and leaving them uneven, Belle’s hair has an automatic tousled texture.


    1. Emma Stone’s Wavy Lob Haircut
      What makes Stone’s haircut is so sexy is the way the long bits in front just barely grazing collarbones.


  1. Claire Danes’s Bouncy Layers Haircut
    Danes’s Blunt layers Haircut start below the chin and medium length strands tons of body and movement.


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