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Actor Robin Williams found dead in Marin County home, presumed suicide

Robin Williams has been found dead in his Marin County, California home, after his family called police just before noon yesterday. Early reports say Williams committed suicide by asphyxiation, removing all oxygen from the lungs. 

The actor, who is most famous for starring in Good Will Hunting, Jumanji and Good Morning Vietnam, was found by “his family” at approximately 11:55am, Marin County Sheriff’s Office and other services were at the house by 12:00. 


Susan Schneider, his third wife, said she is devastated and “utterly heartbroken” at the loss. There has been no word on whether Schneider found Williams alone, or if she was with others when they found his body. 

The main cause for the suicide appears to be depression, according to most sources. Robin Williams has been fighting depression for a number of years, battling against drug addiction and alcohol abuse, both problems he has admitted to in public.

Depression can be the hardest illness to tackle, especially if the person does not understand it is an illness, which can be treated with therapy. It looks like while Williams did try to work on the depression, it ultimately became too much for him.

It is a shame Williams was never able to find happiness in his own life, hiding his true sadness behind the smiles and laughter. He will be remembered for his various gifts to comedy and cinema over the past forty years, drawing in people from all ages.

For the millions of fans remembering Robin Williams, there are countless movies, TV shows and little skits he has been accounted for, playing major and minor roles in both comedy and serious movies.

This is not the first big name actor to die this year, Philip Seymour Hoffman died earlier this year, after a multiple drug overdose.

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