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Alison Williams Addicted To Engagement Ring

Allison Williams has become an addict to her engagement ring.

The actress in the ‘GIRLS’ is always staring at the diamond jewelry ring that she was presented with on February following Ricky Van Veen proposal to make her his wife.

The actress said she was stunned indicating that she always stares at it a lot. She also added that she got thrilled by Ricky’s proposal.

The 25-year old disclosed that her fiancé’s proposal came as a complete surprise.

While speaking to ‘Late Night’ host Seth Meyers, she said that she was completely surprised noting that the most striking part of it was that she considered herself as someone impossible to get surprised noting that she was constantly.

Despite the fact that she is always surprised, the young actress said she is often ‘poised’ for a shock insisting that she is never disappointed if no one turns around.

She pointed that she walks around the world ready for a surprise.

She confessed that all did not go well on her 25th birthday saying that she went to the movies and opened the door and met many people she couldn’t recognize. She claimed that the room was full of strangers. While she went to the restaurant, there was no one she could recognize as she claimed. Noting that she felt like she was at a constant state of disappointment, she came to the realization that she leaves one potential surprise for another.

Allison loves watching the reality TV show “The Bachelor” and admitted that her opinion about the contestants has been changed following her new status.

She stated that the show suddenly feels so real adding that she understood the stakes for the first time in her life finding them so weird coz she has empathy. She however reckoned that she couldn’t believe that they were getting married on that show. She claimed that she was filled with anxiety for the contestants.

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