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American Hollywood actress Lauren Bacall dies aged 89

American actress Lauren Bacall has passed away aged 89, after a star studded career that lasted seventy years, both on Hollywood and on Broadway. The actress has been through the “Golden Age” of Hollywood and still worked on movies well into her late seventies and eighties.

Lauren Bacall started her career as a model, moving into the movie business in 1944 with To Have or Have Not, starring Humphrey Borgart, one of the most well known faces in cinema and soon to be Bacall’s first husband.

The marriage brought Bacall more roles in movies, but after Borgart’s death in 1957, it plagued her as the question everyone wanted to know. Later in life, Bacall recalls it as a down-point, having the media focus on Borgart after she married again.

Bacall’s best point was in the forties and fifties, where her films and romance with Borgart kept the media on her every step. After his death, Bacall kept in the media due to short romances with Frank Sinatra, but after three years she settled with Mr. Robards.

Even with the decades of film, Bacall’s performance on To Have or Have Not is what most will remember her from, even after acting in more than forty other films. In theater, she won two Tonys for musical adaptions of Applause and Woman of the Year. 

The Golden Age of Hollywood has been known for chewing up young talent and spitting it out once the girls hit a certain age. Bacall might not have had the best career in the later stages, but she manages to keep in touch with producers and work on more films.

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