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Angelina Jolie Confessed Hiring Daughter Viv in Maleficient

Angelina Jolie confessed that she cast her daughter Vivienne in her new movie Maleficient since the many children she auditioned were scared of the actress in full costume.

She said Vivienne was hired out of necessity because most of the child actors who would have been given the role were frightened on seeing Angelina in character as Sleeping Beauty archenemy, with artificial cheekbones and horns.

Together with her husband Brad Pitt, Angelina always insists that they don’t want their siblings to get involved anywhere in the acting field.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly magazine, Angelina said that although they thought it funny for their kids to have cameos and join them on set, they don’t want them to become actors.

She said that was not their goal for Brad and her at all, adding that the other three and four-year-old actors would not dare getting closer to her.Angelina held that it had to be a child who liked her and not afraid of her prosthetic horns, her eyes and her claws. She added that it only turned out to be her own daughter.

The actress movie is yet to be released where she plays the role of an evil fairy, with piercing green eyes and gothic attire, which has been dubbed as ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

Surprisingly, her other children, Zahara, 8, and Pax, 10, turned out to be extras on the set and were initially shocked of their mother’s wicked transformation.

Angelina said that when Pax saw her for the first time in the costume, he was terrified and run away adding that she assumed he was kidding. It is after she pretended to chase that she found him crying.

She said that she wanted to stop and wink at them noting that she had always needed to walk by them being very mean.

Malificient is set for release on May 30with co-stars Sharlto Copley, Juno Temple, and Elle Fanning.

Angelina and Brad have other siblings Maddox, 12, Shilo, 7, and Vivienne’s twin Knox.

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