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Angelina Jolie seeks to end sexual violence in conflict areas

A fight to stop sexual violence in war torn areas has been launched with Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie leading the battlefield.

A new international regulation urges governments to take action against sexual violence being committed in global conflict areas.

Jolie, who is also a UN special envoy, said the protocol holds governments responsible for stopping sexual violence from happening, which means they can no longer say they don’t know how to handle the issue.

She said this protocol signals the start of a fight against the act and that woman all over the world are united in this cause.

The actress, along with UK Foreign Secretary William Hague have been working together in leading the End Sexual Violence in Conflict summit. This conference has brought together other leaders from over 100 countries.

The meeting in London aims to create unstoppable momentum to stop sexual conflicts in battle zones all over the world.

Jolie cited examples of people who got sexually abused in war zones. This includes a little girl in Uganda who, at nine years old, was kidnapped and was turned in to a sex slave. Another example she cited was a man in Bosnia who was raped. After long years, that man is still stigmatized and couldn’t land on a job to earn and provide for his family.

Jolie, who came with her husband, actor Brad Pitt, said the conference is for the forgotten survivors whoa re forced to feel abandoned and ashamed. She wants the entire world to hear the anguish of the children of rape. Sorrow and compassion is not enough and this injustice can’t be tolerated, said the actress.

Through the conference, government representatives from war zone countries have seen and heard accounts coming from sexual violence victims.

With what the government officials have seen, Jolie hopes that they would be urged to take action and stop the act.

The new protocol would provide guidelines and manuals on how to tackle cases of sexual violence in their area.

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