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Bangerz Tour NBC Special Shows Miley’s Other Side

From her audacious MTV Music Video Awards performance, to her bold music videos and crazy Instagram posts, it’s easy for people to judge her. Haters, especially, have strong condemning opinions against her.

However, here NBC Bangerz Tour showed a different side of the 21-year-old pop superstar.
Bangerz Tour NBC Special Shows

  1. Her dog Floyd’s death made her sick to the point that some of her shows got cancelled. In the show, she talked about her beloved canine friend, which made her broke down. She said, Floyd’s death, which was on an April Fool’s Day, made her very sick that she was hospitalized, leading to the cancellation of some of her shows.
  2. Her Middle School life was like the movie “Mean Girls,” where she and her clique have dress rules to follow. They have to wear pink on certain days, and they are not allowed to wear the same dress more than once or else, they will be kicked out from the group of popular girls. One day, she violated the rule because of some uncontrollable circumstance. And yes, she was kicked out of the group.
  3. She defended the Kiss Cam saying she is just providing an opportunity for people to freely express their love for their significant others, especially the gay community.
  4. She finds it hard writing happy songs. She is very emotional and it is easier for her to write sad ballads. She said, writing songs should be very personal and magical. She even advised aspiring musicians that if you do not feel the magic, then you should get rid of that music.
  5. She doesn’t care what other people think. To put it better, she does not give a f*** what you think. There was a time when her sister read her reviews about the tour, and she just suddenly started to twerk, showing how much she doesn’t care, especially if it is a negative thing about.

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